ABOUT YouReach

YouReach is a non-profit organization dedicated to teach, mentor and inspire young Hispanic children in the National Capital Region.  We seek to instill a sense of pride in their heritage, hope in their future, perseverance, hard work and social responsibility.

The volunteer leaders and tutors of YouReach strive to help the children succeed academically through writing and tutoring sessions, and to inspire them by meeting successful Hispanic role models.

We strive to help our students children succeed at school and be the best they can be, by strengthening their academic skills through one-on-one and group tutoring sessions, building self-esteem and sense of social responsibility, by taking pride in their heritage and meeting successful Hispanic role models, such as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  We want all our students to reach out and be their own best.  ​

YouReach is open to boys and girls attending 2nd through 9th grades. 

Our programs run throughout the year,

both over the summer for the Enrichment Camp, and on a weekly basis during the academic year.

YouReach is entirely FREE OF CHARGE to our families.  We rely on generous donations and our dedicated volunteers who give us the gift of their time and talent.

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All website and photography work has been pro-bono and gladly donated to YouReach